Matching Your Prescription Glasses with Your Event Outfit

Matching Your Prescription Glasses with Your Event Outfit

2018 is such an eventful year with so many huge and remarkable events to watch for. Among the most anticipated events are the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the most awaited Winter Paralympics and Olympics in South Korea, and the 21st FIFA World Cup in Russia, to name a few. Of course, you will not be attending to all of these events. But we are quite sure you have a handful of events to attend to this year like birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween party, Thanksgiving gathering, Christmas parties, and perhaps weddings or corporate events.

It’s quite challenging to get dressed for a special event when you are wearing a pair of prescription glasses. Matching the glasses with your outfit can be really hard most especially if you only have one pair. Some people find a quick solution by wearing contacts when they need to dress up for an event. However, for people whose options do not include contact lenses, finding an outfit that will perfectly match their eyewear is something they take seriously.

Your eyewear should not be a distraction. You can, in fact, do something to make it look more like a statement accessory rather than a mere distraction. Here are a few tips you can use to glam your outfit with your frames.

Try printed and glittered specs

Pair your sexy and gorgeous party dress with a playful pair of specs. Try specs that are embellished with prints, glitters, or both. This adds spark and glam to your overall appearance.

Try Peyton Eyeglasses Red, Rancho Eyeglasses Demi, and Claire Eyeglasses Demi.

Go for soft neutral

The basic thick black, and dark brown frames are too typical. They can get a bit boring when paired with an evening outfit. How about trying something that will fade into your face? Think of more subtle colors like white, grey, pale pink, light blue, caramel, light violet, and lilac.

Our pick, you can try Atwater Eyeglasses WhiteRed, Lauren Eyeglasses Grey and Melody Eyeglasses Pink or go colorless with our barely there Kiara Eyeglasses Clear.

Try metallic frames

Want to achieve a geek chic look while wearing a gorgeous evening gown? Try the metallic frames. These types of frames are quite formal but still fashionable.

You can try our pretty Liam Titanium Glasses Gold, Aiden Titanium Glasses Silver, Ismael Eyeglasses Silver, and Louanne Eyeglasses Gold.

We offer a lot more specs for every special event. Surely, you will find a pair that will best match your evening wear and will further make you look more attractive and pleasant.