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Bifocal Safety Glasses

For those tired of switching between safety glasses and reading glasses during their long hours at work or in the lab, Glasses CA is offering you a large collection of bifocal safety glasses to choose from.
Bifocal safety glasses, commonly referred to as safety reading glasses or safety glasses with readers, are safety glasses with bifocals (magnifiers) that are permanently connected to the lenses. Bifocal safety glasses and reading safety glasses are designed to act as safety glasses as well as reading spectacles.
In one click, you can say goodbye to the nuisance of switching between two glasses, thanks to our prescription bifocal safety glasses.

Bifocal Safety Glasses FAQs

How to choose bifocal lenses at Glasses CA?

Depending on the brand and model you select, all of our bifocal safety glasses are offered in a range of diopter strengths ranging from 0.50 to 3.00. All tour bifocal safety glasses models offer 99.9% UVA and UVB sun protection-certified polycarbonate lenses that meet ANSI Z87.1-2015 requirements. Have your pick from our bifocal safety glasses’ tinted lenses and anti-fog coatings. You can have your pick between the many features that our bifocal safety glasses offer such as full-lens magnification and twin readers that add maximum convenience to your bifocal safety glasses. It’s also comfortable to wear all day while working because of its flexible and lightweight fit.

Can you get safety glasses with progressive lenses?

Yes, in fact, you can even get reading safety glasses now! You can customize your safety glasses according to your prescription glasses’ measurements. Simply choose the frame that suits your style and adjust the lens accordingly, in one simple step!

Are prescription safety glasses worth it?

Wearing two glasses isn’t just a nuisance, but it also compromises both your vision and your safety. Prescription safety glasses and our bifocal safety glasses are the perfect eyewear option for people who want to wear prescription glasses at work so that they can see properly and protect their eyes from damage caused by workplace hazards including dust, radiation, hot splashes, lasers, and chemicals.
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