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Prescription Safety Goggles

At Glasses CA, we offer a wide variety of safety goggles that mix safety with style along with the option to add your prescription measurements that allow you to avoid wearing safety goggles over your prescription glasses.
Choose from our colorful collection and the stylish designs we offer to get maximal eye protection in one easy step.

Glasses CA provides prescription safety glasses custom-made to fit your needs, including prescription swimming goggles, ski goggles, and motorcycle goggles.

Are you looking for a new pair of stellar prescription safety goggles? You're in luck. We invite you to check out our collection of goggle safety glasses. From using these glasses in challenging situations on the job or at home, we are completely confident that all glasses in our collection will protect you from all the elements.

All the prescription safety goggles in our collection are designed to be functional, yet comfortable. When purchasing this type of eyewear, you want to make sure that it will hold up under extreme stress. Many of our frames are ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved, which can provide you with complete peace of mind when you are in difficult conditions or when a flying object hits your frames. The lenses within these frames also provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, ensuring that your eyes won't get damaged from the sun. All in all, you can rest assured that you are getting the maximum protection possible with our goggle protection eyewear.

On the comfort front, all of our goggle protection eyewear in this collection is extremely comfortable to wear. Many frames contain detachable foam gaskets, adjustable nose bridges, and lightweight designs. You can wear these glasses for long periods without feeling the weight of your glasses on your face. This is a subtle, yet critical feature if you are wearing prescription safety goggles in high-stress situations.

While our collection of prescription safety goggles looks similar on the design front, you can filter through a long list of potential attributes. Some of those attributes include size, frame features, and frame materials. You also have the freedom to filter based on popularity or price.

Ultimately, we are sure that you will find the best goggle safety glasses for you. But as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Safety Goggles FAQs

What are safety goggles used for?

For some workplaces, safety goggles are a requirement for PPE. They create a seal around the eyes to protect them from different particles and liquids.

Are there prescription safety goggles?

At Glasss CA, you can add your prescription glasses measurements before purchasing your item to get your prescription safety goggles in one step.

Can you wear safety goggles over glasses?

Yes, but put in mind that you will be compromising your vision and might also compromise the function of your goggles.

How to use safety goggles?

Before putting on your safety goggles, always check them for any damage. They should allow you to see in all directions and should fit comfortably.

When should you wear safety goggles in the lab?

Wear safety goggles if you deal with chemicals, heat or flames, glassware, or any other substance that could get into your eyes.
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