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Wraparound Safety Glasses

Our in-house line of  wraparound prescription safety glasses is functional, stylish, and perfect for protecting you from harsh elements outdoors. At Glasses CA, we take special care to ensure that we are creating the highest quality wraparound eyeglasses for our customers. No detail is too small. Starting from the initial design process, our team created our line of wraparound safety glasses so that you can be confident that your eyewear is offering you the maximum amount of protection.

Similar to our other lines of eyewear, our wraparound prescription safety glasses collection contains many frames that are ANSI approved. They are extremely durable and can protect you in many situations. As just one example, our line of wraparound safety glasses can offer you significant protection if you have a job where you spend much of your time outdoors.

Our frames are light and comfortable. Many models contain rubber nose pads and rubberized arms, which can add even more comfort when you are spending time in challenging conditions. Instead of constantly adjusting your glasses to get more comfortable, our line of wraparound safety glasses allows you to totally focus on the work in front of you. You have the peace of mind that your glasses are comfortable, secure, and protecting your eyes.

We have a robust collection of wraparound prescription safety glasses. Besides all the functional benefits, you can select from many frame styles and colors. If you are looking to make a statement with your wraparound safety glasses, you can find pink, green, purple or yellow frames. If you are looking to be more conservative, you can find frames in black, brown, or red. And as always, you can easily add your prescription lenses to your favorite frame so that you can see as clearly as possible.

Whatever your preferences, you are sure to find a frame that suits you. We invite you to check out our collection below.

Wrap Around Prescription Safety Glasses

Glasses CA provides high-quality wrap around safety glasses that are simple to put on and take off, while also providing the necessary coverage to keep your eyes safe. All of our safety glasses adhere to ANSI safety standards. Choose your ideal wrap around prescription safety glasses from a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. So you can wear your safety glasses in style!

Wrap Around Safety Glasses FAQs

Are wrap around glasses better?

Wrap around safety glasses are designed to bend around the side of your eyes, providing the same degree of protection but in a more fashionable manner. Because they are curved on both ends, these glasses provide better coverage and clarity of vision than standard safety glasses.

What are wrap around glasses for?

Many jobs and activities expose you to flying particles and debris that can impair your vision. Wrap around safety glasses help to alleviate this burden by wrapping around your eyes and hugging the glasses close to your face. These glasses provide not only protection but also peripheral coverage due to the shape and clarity of the lenses.

Can wrap around glasses be prescription?

Glasses CA offers customizable wrap-around prescription safety glasses. Choose a pair of our trendy wrap around safety glasses from our collection and enter your measurements with a single click.
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