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Night Driving Glasses

Many eye care professionals strongly recommend glasses with an anti-reflective (AR) coating for night driving. This ultra-thin film, made from zircon and silicon, reduces internal reflections in the lenses. Unlike sunglasses or self-darkening lenses, which block some light, AR-coated glasses actually transmit more light – about 8 percent more. This improves vision at night and helps distinguish fine details during the day. Highway patrol troopers have reported better night and day vision and reduced nighttime glare with AR-coated lenses.

Sheer Vision is an enhanced polycarbonate plastic lens material with a unique coating applied to both the front and back surfaces. The coating creates a unique physical characteristic on the lens that resembles an oily residue or a drop of water in a puddle. This unique coating eliminates the glare from oncoming headlights while the enhanced polycarbonate material blocks the harmful UV light rays.  These UV lights are normally very dangerous to the retina.

Yellow lenses, also called Amber by many brands. Because of its ability to make your environment appear brighter, AR-coated driving glasses are commonly used in low light conditions. Like orange, copper, and brown lenses, it effectively blocks much of the blue light that can cause haze or reduce sharpness, thereby enhancing contrast and depth perception. These prescription glasses for anti-glare night driving glasses are not recommended for bright light conditions or areas where accurate colour recognition is critical.

Anti-Glare Night-Driving Glasses

Driving at night without optimal, clear vision poses many safety hazards. That is exactly why all drivers can benefit from a pair of anti-glare night driving glasses. Specifically designed to eliminate glare and enhance your vision, glasses for night driving help you focus on the task at hand - without annoying distractions. It gets even better: you can combine your Rx prescription with anti-glare coated nighttime driving glasses. This means that instead of fitting a pair of night driving glasses over your regular prescription glasses, you can enjoy a 2-in-1 solution of prescription night driving glassesPrescription glasses for night driving enable you to take advantage of crystal-clear vision and eliminate glare and other optimal disturbances at night. How do they work? An anti-glare coating on prescription night glasses reduces glare by scattering and filtering out hazardous blue light, as emitted by oncoming traffic and other light sources. On the light spectrum, blue light has the shortest wavelength and largest amount of energy: making it most likely to cause glare. Exposure to blue light when driving can lead to a temporary loss of vision and/or blurriness - putting you at risk of accidents. Night vision glasses for driving also help enhance color balance and sharpness, letting you see details, such as road signage and other vehicles, with optimal clarity. If you want maximum safety, clarity, and driving comfort in dark conditions, buy your anti-glare night driving glasses online via Glasses CA today!


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Driving glasses are an essential accessory for individuals who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Glassses Canada, we offer a wide range of glasses for driving, including night driving glasses and night vision driving glasses. Our glasses are designed to help you see clearly and drive safely, even in low-light conditions. Our night driving glasses are specifically designed to reduce glare from oncoming headlights and improve your vision at night. With our glasses, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience, whether you're on a long road trip or just driving around town. We understand the importance of quality and safety when it comes to driving glasses, which is why we only offer the best products on the market. ChooGlassses Canada for all your driving glasses needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with safe and comfortable driving.

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