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Prescription Swimming Goggles

Whether you swim seriously, casually, or even scuba dive, it's always best to see where you're going! Things underwater can get quite hazy without swimming goggles and even putting on regular swim goggles might not be enough for those who wear prescription glasses. Luckily, Glasses Canada offers a wide collection of goggles with the option to get your customized prescription swimming goggles in one convenient click. No matter how deep you dive or how many laps you swim, make sure your eyes are protected with our sturdy swim goggles.

Prescription Swimming Goggles FAQs

What colour lens is best for swim goggles?

Gold, yellow, or orange-tinted swimming goggles improve contrast and depth perception in low light, making them ideal for hazy, misty, or foggy open water conditions. If you're swimming in the sun, then choose swim goggles with black or grey tints as they can help reduce eye strain by acting like sunglasses.

What are the best goggles for indoor swimming?

Choose swimming goggles with light-coloured lenses if you intend to use them indoors. Swim goggles with clear lenses allow the most light to pass through, allowing you to see more clearly. Swimming goggles with orange lenses make everything around you appear brighter, improving visibility in the water.

Why do swimmers wear dark goggles?

Dark swim goggles allow swimmers to swim outside without being blinded by the sun and glare bouncing off the surface of the water. Choose a pair of swim goggles with dark lenses to protect your eyes from sun damage and improve your vision in the water.
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