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Transition Safety Glasses

Transition safety glasses from Glasses CA provide the highest level of protection but also convenience! Their tint adapts to changes in light conditions, ensuring that the proper tint is available at the right time. In our transition lens safety glasses, we use advanced and patented photochromic dyes, which cause the lens to darken when exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. When the UV light fades, the lenses revert to their original clear colour. Our transition prescription safety glasses are constructed of high-quality polycarbonate. This ensures that the lenses are extremely durable and long-lasting!

Transition Safety Glasses FAQs

Can you get transition safety glasses?

Yes, Glasses CA offers a large collection of transition safety glasses. Don't worry if you wear prescription safety glasses but want to be extra safe from the sun. We also offer prescription safety glasses with transition lenses.

What is the point of transition safety glasses?

Our transition safety glasses are basically sunglasses on the go, as follows: If you’re constantly shifting between outdoor and indoor environments, your prescription safety glasses with transition lenses will detect this and adjust to the change in environment and provide you with the right amount of light so that you can work without a hitch.
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