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Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

Glasses CA presents you with a unique collection of motorcycle goggles with the option to add your prescription measurements and get your own customized prescription motorcycle goggles in one convenient click. Our goggles are created with ANSI and OSHA approvals and the highest standards of quality.

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles FAQs

Do you need goggles on a motorcycle?

Most places require motorcycle riders to wear motorcycle goggles at all times while driving. However, even if they’re not required by law, putting on motorcycle goggles is still the safer option. Prescription motorcycle goggles are a much more convenient option and offer perfect vision as well.

What colour lenses are best for motorcycle riding?

Motorcycle goggles come in a wide variety of lenses colour. In foggy or low-light conditions, a yellow or amber lens improves depth perception. Grey or smoke lenses provide the most accurate representation of the light you're seeing while still shielding your eyes from the sun. To legally ride your bike at night, you'll need a clear lens, in most places.

What are two advantages of wearing motorcycle goggles for riding?

Wearing motorcycle goggles reduces the likelihood of accidents caused by eye injury and improves your vision, allowing you to enjoy a trouble-free ride. Some motorcycle goggles also carry the added benefit of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.
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