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Prescription Shooting Glasses

If you're about to aim for the perfect shot, make sure you have all your protective equipment ready to go. Putting on your protective gear and shooting glasses doesn't have to mean compromising your unique style. Our collection is as stylish as they are protective!

Glasses CA shooting glasses are made of durable polycarbonate. We've made sure that our glasses provide excellent visibility while also acting as a protective shield. We provide stylish, lightweight, and strong shooting glasses that are extremely protective and comply with ANSI Z87 guidelines as well as OSHA safety standards. Grab your favorite style of hunting glasses and get ready to make your shot!

Prescription Shooting Glasses FAQs

What colour is best for shooting glasses?

Our hunting glasses and prescription shooting glasses are available in a variety of lens colours. However, shooting glasses with light-coloured lenses are usually preferred because they improve vision in low-light situations.

What is the purpose of shooting glasses?

Hunting glasses are designed to act as a protective shield against any hazards such as debris, dust, and burning powder.

Are hunting glasses the same as safety glasses?

While hunting glasses are also ANSI Z87+ high impact approved, they do have certain protective features in their design that are different than safety glasses. Hunting glasses have additional protective characteristics to guard against debris and shot emissions like flames, dust, and burning powder.

Why do shooters wear yellow-tinted glasses?

Shooting glasses with yellow tints are far more popular among firearms experts. This is because prescription shooting glasses with yellow tints provide excellent vision while also being protective against UV rays.
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